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Oh wow hay!

Ummmmm so now Javascript decides not to work on LJ's journal post page either?

Just four more weeks of this, then I can get home and hopefully my family's Internet connection will be far more reasonable.


I went to @rtimos on Wednesday!

and also

Hopefully they'll have this semester's concert up soon, because it was FLIBBERTASTIC.

It's been raining really hard here. And guess who got to help clean up a beach in the pouring (quite literally) rain?! Yeah that's right me.

Also yesterday we had a combined ward fireside at the temple visitors' center where we watched this amazing Joseph Smith film that they did a really good job on. I was moved.

And I'm such a nerd, this morning after class I wrote down the catalogue numbers of every Hugh Nibley book in the library, and proceeded with my plan to check them out one-by-one and hopefully get them read before the semester ends. (My current selection is a collection of essays about the ancient state!! Cool beans!!)

I'm still packing down the vitamin C. That cold shall not conquer me!!

Additionally, as an avid listener of, I'm obligated by default to let you know that they recently put out an album, Summoning of Spirits, that's a collection of all-new mixes of tracks from the Tales series (or maybe just Phantasia, Symphonia, and Symphonia: Dawn of the New World).

I haven't actually listened to all the tracks yet, but I can already recommend these:

Airborne - another solidly awesome solo piano arrangement from Dhsu, who's one of my absolute favorite pianists on the site
Wind Dry My Tears - a very moving piece
Setting Sail - excellent music for setting sail, setting the microwave to defrost, and other such epic activities
Middle-Aselia Biology - a great atmospheric track with an ethnic groove
Gentry is a Five-Letter Word - an upbeat, energetic piece
Just Go - an excellent piece that's a dynamic fusion of orchestral and rock, with a dash of electronica thrown in
Horizon's Walk - an awesome track with a unique beat
City of Vigor - well, what can I say, I'm just a sucker for piano arrangements
Strike of the Devil's Axes - insanely awesome rock with guitar so amazing it'll make your head explode
The Unholy Wars - a piano intro by the indomitably ubiquitous Dhsu that turns into some mindblowing 80's-synth-rock-type-jargle
Smile and Forgive - a beautiful, peaceful peace that's great for relaxation

And I still can't wait to get home.

Yeah...that's really all I've got.

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